Green planet — Topiary Park by BachoKrasnaya Polyana, Sochi

An extraordinary beautiful park was opened in the tourist center "Gazprom" in June, 2017.

Admired visitors called this park a fantastic world in the mountains.

Many holidaymakers admit they see so uncommon park for the first time
One of the figures, the 11-meter length dinosaur, shakes with its impressive size.
The main honor of the park are our animal figures, life-sized, covered with a soft artificial lawn.

Modern topiary, created by our specialists pleases visitors with originality and beauty.

The park has got 10 different animal families. Here you can see a family of elephants. The height of the largest elephant is 3.6 meters.

The concept of the park is the creation of green area, the most comfortable for an interesting, unforgettable holiday for tourists and families with children.

Children, who visit the Green Planet park, are very fond of playing chess, hiding in fairy houses, taking pictures with green fluffy friends.

Adults also do not lag behind: they gladly make selfie with figures and place photos on social networks.

Topiary compositions of  "Three little Pigs" and "Giraffe-Biker" may be called real masterpieces.
Factory specialists profoundly develop more than 150 figures for the park in Sochi.
Channel "Russia-1" official report from the opening ceremony of the park in Sochi..
The topiary by Bacho is in perfect harmony with the magnificent nature in the mountains of Krasnaya Polyana.
Welcome to the "Green Planet" park and enjoy original and realistic Topiary by Bacho.
Topiary families
Topiaries are collected in friendly family compositions: families of rhinos, deer, bears, horses, elephants, rabbits, giraffes.
Unique figures
All shapes made by professional artists and sculptors Bacho’s decor factory.
Fairytale topiary
Do you wana visit a fairytale? You’ll experience lots of vivid emotions with dozens of fairy-tale figures, even if you already grown up.
Topiary for a photo shoot
You allowed to photo with every art in park.
Topiary families
Unique figures
Topiary for photoshoot

Some information about topiary

Do not require constant maintenance, do not undergo corrosion and rot.
The frame of the figures is made of fiberglass, so they are light and durable.
Manually covered with high-quality decorative lawn.
Resistant to sudden temperature changes and frost.
Nikolay — the founder of the company

The place everybody wants to come back.

Nice to hear good reviews about our product. We are very glad we can give people a holiday and positive emotions.


Ekaterina, a visitor

In early May, 2018, our family visited the Green Planet Park in Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi. The figures there are extremely impressive. Houses for gnomes, pianos, dinosaurs, three pigs and all these things left its mark in deep memory. Absolutely rare place. Just stroll and breathe the mountain air and admire the compositions. No any word more, I want to have a couple of figures.

Sergey Avilov, photographer

Visiting Green Planet park pushes our everyday life into the misty distance and puts us in a magic realm full of the greatest miracles and curious creatures, into a realm that opens to us like a dream ...

Andrey, a visitor

Topiaries by the Bacho
Look extremely good
Make best way and loved
By adults and a child.
Staff of company is friendly
Boss — the best of the best!
To create such wonder
Are able only master!

How to get

354392, Russia, Sochi, Esto-Sadok, Krasnaya Polyana, Achipsinskaya str. 16

Transfer: If you are a guest of one of the hotels complex (Grand Hotel Polyana, Polyana 1389 Hotel and Spa) you can book a transfer to the hotel from the airport or from the railway station.

Plane: Sochi (Adler) — the international airport of Sochi, then by shuttle bus or bus number 105 "Sochi — Krasnaya Polyana", No. 135 "Adler — Krasnaya Polyana" to the stop of "Gazprom".

Train: railway station Adler, then by shuttle bus or bus no 105 "Sochi — Krasnaya Polyana", No. 135 "Adler — Krasnaya Polyana" to the stop "Gazprom". Regular buses follow the route every 30 minutes.

The "Green Planet" park is free for visiting.