We create absolutely new playing area.

Children playgrounds by Bacho are a fascinating territory that tells amazing stories and takes you to its adventure world.

All playgrounds are manufactured by production assets of Bacho Factory.

All the production is made of wood and moisture-resistant materials protected from weather impacts.

Bacho playgrounds impress by their external view.

Due to the brave design solutions and modern engineering technologies of the production, Bacho playgrounds perfectly solve the beautification task for both interior and exterior:

hotels and resorts

residential areas of apartment compounds and detached houses

pre-school and school educational establishments

parks and campings

shopping and entertainment malls

Creating children playground sets our mission is to make them functional and close to the real life. All the elements have small hindrances and big possibilities for children development: kids can drive the car, cook a magic dinner, climb the tent, slide down, sit on the surf and make many other activities prompted by children’s imagination.